After starting JS and PHP courses at 3W Academy, I quickly needed something to live-type and share the corrected version of their exercises. Some tools exist but none of them matched my needs : share a code in which I can type and others can only watch and copy it. I then decided to create ShareCode, which is dead simple to use : the first to access a slug is the admin one (he can edit the code), all the next ones are read-only users.

As usually, you don’t have to install anything (not even a database), just download/clone it within an Apache-managed directory.

Contribution and Download

The repository is available on Github.

Releases Notes

  • v1.2.1
    • Fix code sharing problems
    • Cancels the scroll re-initializing for each reloading
  • v1.2.0
    • CodeMirror v4 to v5
    • Autofocus when user is admin
    • Better code optimization and logic (less variables and parameters)
    • Tabulations indentation replaced by indentation with spaces (2)
    • Lose focus when “escape” key is pressed
    • Auto-clean all code files older than 7 days
    • Slug is now shown in the page title
    • A favicon
  • v1.1.0
    • Safer server-side AJAX files (managing wrong slug and no existing file)
    • Complete reorganization of JS And PHP Ajax files
    • Better code optimization and logic
    • No more “last character” issue with fast-typing code (client-server double parameters comparison instead of one)
    • Usage of jquery-min instead of jquery (to lighten the global size)
    • Many more comments