PHP : How to install PHP Accelerator in Xampp ?

To install PHP Accelerator in Xampp, you need first to go to your php.ini file (i.e. within C:xamppphp directory) and add this line inside Dynamic Extensions part :

Then you need :

  1. to show you PHP configuration via the PHP function phpinfo()
  2. to get 2 precious informations :
    PHPInfo 2
    PHPInfo 1
    x86 or x64, and TS (Thread Safe) or NTS (Non Thread Safe)
  3. to download the corresponding DLL (including your PHP version):
    (PHP 7:
  4. to copy/paste the DLL file within your extensions directory
  5. to edit your php.ini file (i.e. within C:xamppphp directory)
  6. and add this line inside Dynamic Extensions part :
; Dynamic Extensions ;



Eventually don’t forget to restart Apache !