PHP : How to install PHP Accelerator in Xampp ?

To install PHP Accelerator in Xampp, you need first to go to your php.ini file (i.e. within C:xamppphp directory) and add this line inside Dynamic Extensions part :

Then you need :

  1. to show you PHP configuration via the PHP function phpinfo()
  2. to get 2 precious informations :
    PHPInfo 2
    PHPInfo 1
    x86 or x64, and TS (Thread Safe) or NTS (Non Thread Safe)
  3. to download the corresponding DLL (including your PHP version):
    (PHP 7:
  4. to copy/paste the DLL file within your extensions directory
  5. to edit your php.ini file (i.e. within C:xamppphp directory)
  6. and add this line inside Dynamic Extensions part :
; Dynamic Extensions ;



Eventually don’t forget to restart Apache !


  1. PantMan   •  

    Thx,it’s very helpful,it works to me!!

  2. Getnet   •  

    please help to me how to Install and/or enable a PHP accelerator .
    thank you.

  3. Jose   •  

    Extensions directory is c:/xampp/php/ext

  4. mauricio florez   •  

    Hi, i followed your post to enable php accelerator for symfony on windows 2012 IIS8.5 and works. Thanks, but now all others PHP site on the same server stopped working. is there any parameter tunning to avoid this?

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